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Security and privacy

PackBack guarantees security and privacy of your data encrypting whole communication between your device and the Service.

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    Encryption of transmission and stored data.

    256 bit AES, SSL and TLS.

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    File sharing, access privileges, version control.

    Register and manage device by yourself.

    Check out who and when has downloaded files with the Activity Monitor.

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    Is your device stolen or you have lost it? Remotely unregister this device, lock access and erase all data.

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    Set mail notifications to get details about all operations that have been done on your account.


Security auditor

Auditor, just like security administrator, will see every shared document with its activity details (audit trace).


Make backups easily

Using PackBack service you are free to secure all your documents. Make backup copies in one place and use it later on every device - workstation, notebook or any mobile.

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File copy is made immediately after the file has been stored. It keeps previous versions of updated files.


In case of any breakdown you are able to easily recover file copies or to restore them on a newly connected device.


With the file versioning function every file stored in PackBack is immune to ransomware.


You can quickly recover accidentally deleted files or restore their previous versions.


We know how important to our users is the Service to be up and working, thuss we provide all-day support.

For users

System architecture

Our system's architecture lets the service to be available at least 99.999% within the year period.


Support 24/7

All day support.

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Knowledge Base

User's manuals and access to knowledge base

Secure sharing

Using PackBack sharing documents between clients and collaborators and any other audience is fast, secure, and confidential.

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