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polecane dla małych firm
(min. 10 użytkowników, 2TB miejsca)
polecane dla średnich i dużych firm
(min. 20 użytkowników, >2TB miejsca)
7 €
za użytkownika wybierz
4 €
za użytkownika wybierz

Price includes

  • file access from any desktop
  • file access from any device within mobile app
  • extra TB on demand
  • group work over shared documents
  • access to resources from Microsoft Explorer or other file manager
  • My Documents folder integration
  • automatic backup of selected folder on connected desktops and mobiles
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • up to 120 days data recovery
  • 256-bit AES key and SSL/TLS encryption
  • incremental data autosynchronization
  • WEB console accessible from any device
  • audit traces and notifications of file operations
  • audit traces and notifications of account operations
  • managable folder for work groups
  • private and shared folders
  • sharing with the link (private, public, token-secured, expiring)
  • invitation service
  • remote flushing connected devices (e.g. when you lost the device)
  • auditor account
  • approval and remote removal of connected devices
  • phone support within working hours
  • integration and development support
  • possible integration with other application
  • monthly fee
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