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PackBack let’s your organization access to private working environment where employees could safely store, share and download any type of documents, but also securely share private documents to your contractors. PackBack is a service designed exclusively for business with complete understanding the needs of the highest data security, confidentiality, privacy and compliance.



Safe resource sharing

BackPack competitive advantage is total data security, data flow control, encryption and compliance with EU directives and GDPR readiness.


Resource synchronization

You'll save time and increase productivity by providing the results of your work through a 100% privacy service. Share documents with co-workers, contractors, and within common working team folders.


Mobile access

PackBack let employees to securely access data - at any time, from anywhere and on any device, both on the organization's internal network and securely over the Internet.

Save and synchronize

Save document od desktop and the Service will automatically synchronize and share the file across all registered and connected devices.


File access:


from any desktop or mobile device


from MS Windows and Apple IOS clients


via designated webpage


from a mobile like iPhone, iPad or Android device

Data Centers

PackBack service reliability provides two data centers: Katowice and Gliwice


Running in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001 certified by BSI


Providing redundancy in the hardware layer


Secure connection to several telecom operators by fiber or radio line


Powered by two independent power sources protected by UPS operating in the 2N system and additionally emergency power from the power generators


Managed and maintained by our own highly qualified staff

Save and synchronize

Using PackBack sharing documents between clients and collaborators and any other audience is fast, secure, and confidential.

Email integration

Thanks to the integration with the mail client:

You will unload the mail server - no longer needed to store large attachments.

You have the ability to grant additional security rules, such as limiting access time to an attachment or locking by the token sent through SMS. Even if the mail goes to the wrong person, without the code, the person won't be able to open attachments.

The recipient will be able to receive email even on mobile device with a free internet connection and download attachments in a convenient time.

The audit function will tell you if and when the recipient has downloaded the attachment.

The attached files will automatically be converted to PackBack links.

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